Here are some of the top weight loss tips brought to you straight from our Project Be Healthy Facebook group members.

1. Cut down on sugar.
2. Exercise 5-6x per week and on days off continue to eat healthily.
3. Drink plenty of water.
4. Prepare your meals ahead of time – 3 days in advance if possible.
5. Make mental health a priority in order to avoid emotional sabotage.
6. Control access to unhealthy food choices, don’t keep certain foods in your home.
7. Continue to exercise but also increase your other daily physical activities; instead of driving that mile to work try walking or ride a bike, park at the end of the lot so you have to walk further to get to the store, return your shopping cart to the stall two aisles over.
8. Change your mindset about what you eat. Think about how different foods make you feel. Will that ice cream satisfy a craving but then make you feel like crap? Your body deserves better and you deserve food that nourishes and heals.
9. Get a fitness tracker (like a Fitbit) and try to reach your goal every day. Join challenges with friends for fun accountability.
10. Find a fun workout group, like Project Be Healthy on Facebook. This could also be an exercise group, a weekly dance night, Zumba class, biking group, etc. The social aspect can make a workout much more enjoyable.

Do you have additional tips for weight loss? If so please share them down below in the comments.

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