Lose Weight With the LOA

LOA and Weight Loss

If you’re someone who has struggled in the past with not having the motivation for weight loss, you could be overlooking an important method that can help. If you use the law of attraction, you can center your focus on what you’d like to have in your life and that includes weight loss.

The Law of Attraction for Weight Loss

Many people don’t understand how the LOA works when it comes to weight loss. They don’t realize that they’re using negativity in their life and their energy doesn’t attract anything positive.

You have to use the LOA correctly in order for it to work. That means your projections or vibrations should not include a negative such as “I’m so fat. I want to lose weight.”

The negative cancels out the positive – which is why the LOA might not have worked to help you with your weight loss goals in the past. Besides being careful that you aren’t sending out negative vibes, you have to make sure that the steps or actions you have in place for weight loss aren’t undermining your energy.

Your motives have to be where it invites the LOA into your life. The wrong motives can block the sending of the positive vibrations if they’re not focused on your true self.

You won’t be able to connect with the positive frequency. Wanting to lose weight because you’re trying to adhere to what others say you should look like is a negative.

When you attempt to send out weight loss vibrations to attract the fitter body, it won’t work. It won’t work because your focus is not on who you truly are. It’s on who someone else feels that you should be.

Sometimes, you can be full of positive energy and completely in tune with your body, but someone else comes along and puts doubts into your mind. So you do what you don’t feel like doing just to please them.

They tell you that you’ll be happier and have a more fulfilling life if only you’d change your body. Deep down, though, you don’t truly believe that and your drive isn’t really that strong toward wanting to change your body.

If that’s something that you’ve experienced and you’re using LOA in this way, because of someone else, then it’s not going to work. It won’t work because the vibrations you’ll be sending out into the universe aren’t coming from a place of true self.

If weight loss is something that you truly desire, you can attract it to yourself and you can use the universe to bring the weight loss that you’ve always wanted into your life. You’ll be able to connect with the frequency that will attract what it is you desire.

Creating the Reality

When you use the law of attraction, you’re basing your life change on a principle that what you give out, you get back. Some people think, “oh, that’s just positive thinking” but that’s not all that the law of attraction is.

It’s made up of a sum of core parts of you. It contains what you believe, what you think, how you emotionally respond and what behaviors you do. When you’re interconnected with all that you are, then you can attract what it is that you want.

The things that you attract into your life will all work together to help you focus on and achieve your weight loss goals. If you choose to stay on a negative frequency, then that’s what will be drawn to you.

The people who dwell on the negative send out negative vibrations. As a result of that, the things, the situations, and the people that happen to them will also be negative.

The Law of Attraction for weight loss is comprised of four main things that you can tap into to have the body you’ve always wanted. These are beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions.

What you want to come to pass or to attract into your life happens because of what you believe, what you think, and your emotional ties. These all work together to create the steps you take.

This doesn’t mean that you can always keep everything exactly as you want it and that nothing negative will ever happen to you in the weight loss area. What it does mean is that you will have the power to use the situations to make choices that will lead you to success.

You can’t prevent the negativity. You can’t prevent something you don’t like from happening. But what you can do is decide how those things are going to impact the core of who you are.

You can decide what you’re going to feel or think about a situation and how you’re going to respond. It’s this power over yourself that will allow you to have the positive frequency you need to determine what your reality becomes.

You are the only one who can decide how your weight loss is going to go. You get to choose how you feel and what you think about everything that touches you as far as weight loss goes.

It means that it’s up to you what you let into your mind and how you let that affect your attitude toward what you look like, how you’ll work out and what you’ll eat. It means that you don’t wait for what will be before you decide that the “as is” is a positive.

Your thoughts and attitude should be positive and you should love yourself as you currently are, not as who you’re going to eventually be. The positive that attracts the positive is rooted in self-acceptance.

If you don’t love and accept yourself in the moment and see yourself in a positive light, you won’t be able to achieve the kind of fitness that you want because you aren’t able to tune in to what it’s supposed to be like for you.

Your Thoughts Are Your Beliefs

What you think and how you think is at the core of the LOA and weight loss. Within your thoughts, you have the power to determine what your future is. The thoughts that you think are what will bring your reality to pass.

Within your mind, you must see what you look like physically as you want it to be. How many people mistakenly think that how the Law of Attraction works is that they have to keep a mental image of their body as it looks like in the future.

But you must see it as if it had already come to pass. Your thoughts need to be positive ones as you visualize them into the universe. You can’t think something like, “I wish I was in shape.”

Instead, you have to change that to “I am in shape.” This is the power of positivity that’s associated with the LOA. The reason that your thoughts can change your beliefs and make what you want a reality is because what you think is what you believe.

Your insight and in turn your actions or behaviors are led by your beliefs. You think them, so you believe that they’re true even if they aren’t. In turn, your beliefs can give you a positive or a negative approach to life.

Your beliefs then control your attitude and how you react to your environment. What you feel about yourself is developed by your beliefs. If you believe that you’re not strong enough to lose weight, you’ll create emotions linked to that belief.

That includes emotions like depression. Your response will quickly become one of not wanting to try because your feelings will control what steps you take or don’t take.

What using the LOA for weight loss can do for you is that it can lead you through a new belief conditioning. Regardless of how you believed and acted in the past, using the LOA can teach you to discard what you’ve always believed and learn to accept the truth.

That means what you put out into the universe is exactly what you’ll get back in return. As a result, you’ll discover that those old limitations that you’ve always struggled with are now gone.

You’ll develop a newer, healthier way of believing and expecting the good rather than the negative. What you feel for your yourself and your body will dictate how well you can use LOA for weight loss.

Your Feelings and the LOA

In the Law of Attraction, change is affected by your feelings, which are tied in with your beliefs. What you believe shows up in your feelings. The positive side of your feelings will come into being due to self-acceptance.

You can’t affect change, even with the LOA, if you don’t have self-acceptance, not only of your body but of yourself as a whole person. You must make the choice that you’re going to be full of self love.

You have to be kind and caring of who are right now before what you want to be can come into existence. When you seek a positive weight loss mindset, you must first have that positive feeling of self love for yourself as a person.

You must see the good and not what you perceive to be bad. When you’re tuned in to self love and acceptance of who you are, from that, the feelings of positivity will flow.

This is what will enable you to be able to reap the benefits of the LOA. What you focus on is what will be. This is where so many people fail to properly use the LOA.

Instead of looking at themselves with love and acceptance, they turn their attention to the trappings of what they think will create the self that they want to have.

They look at the shape that their body is currently in and don’t like it. This keeps them stuck in the past since LOA is the perception of what you want to be. You must look at your body as if the old is already gone.

When you love yourself, you build your foundation with love which is positive. If you constantly look to the latest diet or you look at how often you’ve failed to keep weight off in the past, then you’re spreading negativity in your mind and throughout your body.

The positive can’t flow in a vessel that’s negative. You don’t look at what’s not right. You look at what is right. This means that you keep your mindset on what you are attracting to yourself – the healthy body that you will have.

If you feel that you’re always going to be fat, then you will be because you are attracting those negative thoughts into your life. When that happens, events and people will work in your life to help what you think remain a reality.

You’ll respond to that reality in the negative and then you stay caught up in the cycle of believing your negative reality into existence.

Taking Action with the LOA

As you keep your mindset on the positive that’s going to enter your life, you’ll discover that your actions are falling into line with your thoughts and feelings. The positivity and the feelings act as a guide to your actions through the LOA.

You’ll see that it’s easier to keep your focus on things that can positively impact your life. Instead of looking at what didn’t work for you before, you’ll be able to see the positives that are going to create the life you want.

This will help you to behave like what you want has already come into existence. You’ll be able to choose a healthy way of eating now when in the past, you may have always struggled with that.

With the power of the LOA, you’ll be able to manifest lifestyle changes that feel natural rather than forced because it’s as if they already are part of you. You’ll discover that you don’t feel the same way that you used to because you’ll see yourself with the lost weight even if the mirror doesn’t show it.

Weight loss with the LOA is found in believing that you not only have the body that you want to have, but that losing the weight is something that’s also within your ability.

You have to have the positive mindset that you’ve already accomplished the struggle to lose weight. When you expect that you can find weight loss success with the LOA, it’s what will happen.

That positive vibe that you’re connecting with in the universe will respond and become self-fulfilling. You can’t want to lose weight, yet keep up practices that will derail your efforts.

What you believe or don’t believe will manifest in your life. So visualize yourself as you want to be. Continually tell yourself what is good and positive about your body.

Visualize that you use healthy eating and exercise to help your new body. Visualize that you’re more active, visualize that the choices you make are what made in the present and not in the future.

Create your reality by adding to your life what you promised yourself you’d do “someday” if you lost weight. With the law of attraction, that “someday” is today.

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