Juicing can help you lose weight quickly. With juicing you take fruits and vegetables and put them through a juicing machine. The machine gives you the juice of each item in a small pitcher or glass and the “pulp” from the veggies or fruit gets discarded. You only consume the juice and by doing so cut out tons of extra calories. Therefore, you lose weight relatively quickly.

Personally, I started juicing after I watched the Netflix documentary Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead. I loved to see Joe’s transformation and wanted that same thing for myself. I went out and bought a juicer the very next day. Actually, I went a little overboard and bought two. I went as long as I could without eating food and only drinking juice. I think I made it 9 days and lost over 17 pounds during that time. A lot of that weight I lost was water weight. The second time I juiced I lasted 7 days and lost an additional 12 pounds.

Here are some of my favorite recipes for fast weight loss.

Melt Away The Fat Green Juice
2 – Granny Smith Apples
3 – Large Cucumbers
1 – Bunch of Kale
3 – Kiwi

Drink Your Carrots Orange Juice
5 – Carrots
4 – Oranges
3 – Large Cucumbers

Get Your Veggies In Juice
2 – Granny Smith Apples
1 – Bunch of Kale
2 – Beets
3 – Large Cucumbers
3 – Carrots

I would suggest adding in granny smith apples to every juice you make at first if you are worried about taste. Some veggies do not have a sweet taste after juicing and the apples help to combat that. I also like to use kiwi in my veggie juices for the same reason.

What are your favorite juices? Please share them with me in the comments below.

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