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Best Kale Chip Recipe

Make yummy delicious healthy kale chips in only a couple minutes at home. Try this salt and pepper kale chip recipe and share with me down below your favorite.

Healthy No Bake Snack Bar

Getting and staying on track with weight loss can be one of the hardest things. Project Be Healthy has created a FREE planner just for you. This daily printable planner is perfect for keeping track of your food intake, exercise, measurements, thoughts, and weight...

Detox Water Recipes For Weight Loss

Drinking infused or detox water helps the body cleanse itself of impurities while also promoting weight loss. We asked our Project Be Healthy weight loss group on Facebook what their top detox water recipes are for losing weight and keeping it off.

Weight Loss Tips

Here are some of the top weight loss tips brought to you straight from our Project Be Healthy Facebook group members.

Best Juice Cleanse For Weight Loss

Juicing can help you lose weight quickly. With juicing you take fruits and vegetables and put them through a juicing machine. The machine gives you the juice of each item in a small pitcher or glass and the “pulp” from the veggies or fruit gets discarded. You only consume the juice and by doing so cut out tons of extra calories. Therefore, you lose weight relatively quickly.

The First Steps To Losing Weight

To be honest there is no wrong or right way to begin your weight loss journey. Step one is deciding to lose weight and be healthy. Step two is totally up to you. Here are some tips for getting started.

Weight Loss Pills – Dr. Tobias Colon Cleanse Review

I am always looking for a weight loss or detox pill that works. Some sort of cleanser, fat burner, weight loss stimulant, etc. Recently I purchased Dr. Tobias’ 14 Day Quick Colon Cleanse and was not disappointed.

Free Weight Loss eBooks Through Tuesday!

To celebrate our launch, certified life coach Angie Atkinson is offering three of her premium weight loss books for FREE through! Check out these ebooks and grab your copies while they're FREE! The promotion ends July 27, 2018. 227 Super-Simple, Super-Sexy...

Weight Loss Hypnosis – Lose Weight Surf City App Review

I like to listen to hypnosis as I fall asleep. It helps me to get in the right mindset for the next day and, honestly, if I am laying in bed listening to a weight loss hypnosis then I am not at the fridge for some late night munchies.

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