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New Years Resolution

People keep asking me what my New Year resolution will be for 2019. I have been doing a lot of thinking about it and decided this will be the year of perfection. I want to be perfect. I will finish losing the extra weight. I will stop biting my nails. I will stop...

Late Night Eating Habits

I am sick and tired of waking up feeling bloated with stomach cramps. What can we do about this? Well, let me give you a few tips that I have been applying to my own life.

MUTU and Walking

With MUTU we have to walk daily. They suggest 20-30 minutes of walking. I broke out my Fitbit and am doing my 10,000 steps all in one go. That is my walking for this program. Sometimes it takes me a little bit to get all those steps in. That does mean me leaving the house to go outside and walk around my property until my Fitbit starts vibrating on my wrist saying I am done.

MUTU – Getting Started

A little about the reason why I chose to begin with MUTU over some of the other exercise programs I own. I have had 4 kids. The first 3 were each 16 months apart – so pretty much back to back to back babies. I used to joke that I should have taken out stock in Pampers because I had 3 kids in diapers all at once. If you have had children back to back like I did, or maybe just had children, then you will understand when I say that I leak urine.

DIY Healthy Smoothie – Apple – Kale

Yummy apple and kale smoothie. This week is all about healthy smoothie recipes. Get your new favorite recipe right here at Project Be Healthy. Add more apple or kale to taste.

DIY Healthy Smoothie – Banana – Blueberry – Spinach

Get your taste buds ready for this delicious banana, blueberry, and spinach smoothie. Great for eating healthy. Simple and easy snack idea. Share this video with your friends. Ingredients 8 oz Water Ice Cubes 1 Banana 1/2 Cup Blueberries 1/2 Cup Spinach Directions Add...

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